Create a long-term strategy and detailed plans for promoting a project or product through a variety of communication channels, including online, face-to-face, network, etc. Based on popular communication channels such as Telegram, Discord, and Facebook.

What we do ?

./images/service/icon-stars.pngCreate a suitable communication campaign on popular social media platforms such as Telegram, Discord, and Facebook.

./images/service/member-icon.pngProduct promotion connects producers and users.

./images/service/icon-mid.pngCreate a communication campaign by identifying the objectives that your customers want to achieve.

./images/service/icon-team-pro.pngLearn and record customer psychology and behavior in order to run the proper campaign.

How we work ?

LuckyTech's communication team is always looking for ways to better support customers through product distribution communication activities such as:

Determine the goal

Besides the process of researching and analyzing products as well as the market. LuckyTech always wants to ensure that the steps are completed properly and in the best possible way. Therefore, planning to deliver the content as well as the implementation time for each project is considered an indispensable step in the workflow at LuckyTech.

Determine trends

Through the analytical process, LuckyTech takes into account the state of the market and user needs. Analyze the product's strengths, weaknesses as well as the need for the product to users. From there, forming the right direction for product development. Make sure the product is born in the right direction for customers' use.

Propose ideas

Eye-catching, well-organized appearance is a pioneering condition that LuckyTech's creators always want to aim for. Through product design, LuckyTech wishes to show respect to customers as well as bring users a product that is creative in terms of content, perfect in form and meaningful in purpose using

Develop a communication stragety

The implementation is complied with the system of processes and regulations set up in a strict and logical manner at LuckyTech. The personnel assigned to perform, besides the need to have product knowledge, also need to have aesthetic thinking and the ability to coordinate well in work between teams. LuckyTech's creative team strives to always listen, comment, and execute.

Our Products

Why Choose us ?


Professional team

The solid foundation and the ability to capture sensitive information of the professional team. This is what LuckyTech team members always aim for


Creative idea

Suggested ideas are always considered and implemented to achieve the desired goals of customers, receiving positive feedback from product users or project participants.


Reasonable cost

This move is understood as redrawing an overview for customers, creating trust and maintaining long-term working relationships with low costs.

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