LuckyTech conducts research on potential market situation, competitors, and then recommends MKT strategies appropriate for each partner's products, projects, services, and situations based on market reality.

What we do?

./images/service/icon-provide.pngProvide specific goals and business strategies for the product.

./images/service/icon-chart.pngResearching and analyzing the target market to develop an effective project strategy.

./images/service/icon-pay.pngPay attention to the message presented by creating relevant campaigns for each project and product.

./images/service/icon-shake.pngPromoting intimacy and comfort to make connection and the delivery of the partner's best message.

How We Work?

MKT strategy is considered as one of the important steps in the communication of content transmission to users. Building a standard MKT strategy - tweaking will help creators get closest and fastest to the right audience that we aim for.

Brand identity

Determine the brand's target audience.

Marketing research

Orientation and development of the business strategies

Data analysis

Setting goals, establishing measurement systems, and predicting trends in order to make appropriate and effective brand decisions.

Marketing strategy

Provide effective strategies and plans for approaching markets and customers. Create as many competitive advantages for the product as possible.

Our Products

Why Choose us?


Outstanding effectiveness

Building a standard-correct MKT strategy will help creators move forward be closest and fastest to the right customers they are targeting


Creative Strategies

Research, discover, build and develop sustainably, aiming for perfection in Every detail of the plan is the deciding factor that MKT's team LuckyTech aims to



Considering - Listening - Understanding This is the LuckyTech team's operating motto and a key point in connecting with customers. Everything the LuckyTech team wants is to help customers achieve their goals.

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